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Based on your wishes and/or need, GIORDANO GENERAL CONTRACTOR will help you find the solution that meets all your requirements and will take care of the renovation process or the acquisition and renovation of the property.

Free inspection and estimate

Renovate your house in Salento thanks to the turnkey project! You won’t have to worry about workforce management or about small and big problems that may arise, as GGC will take care of the project development and all the technical, financial, and administrative aspects related to the renovation of the property and will ensure a controlled management by his qualified staff.

Single point of contact

The client will have a single point of contact, as GGC will take charge of all the problems regarding the renovation and will carry out his work to the highest professional standards — be it the administration of bureaucratic procedures, the use of 3D renderings, the property renovation, or the attention to every small detail. The client can also follow all work phases, thanks to cameras placed in many rooms of the construction site.

Guaranteed delivery times

Thanks to the turnkey project, the client will only have to take care of the work-sharing and the choice of the materials that are going to be used. The total cost and the quality of the end result are guaranteed, and the property — completed to the highest professional standards — will be delivered to the client on the day mentioned on the contract.


If required – research of the property to buy

The client who wants to buy a house in Salento (and not only…) just has to present us in detail what their desires are and the characteristics that the house of their dreams should have. GGC will carry out meticulous research on the territory and will identify a series of solutions that can fully satisfy the customer’s desires. If the client decides to buy the property, GGC will take care of all the necessary bureaucratic paperwork — be it the notarial deed, the land registry or the certificate of use and occupancy.

Inspection of the property that needs to be renovated

If the client already owns a property that needs to be renovated, we will assess the characteristics of the property and listen to the client’s wishes during our first meeting, which is totally free and non-binding.


If, after the initial inspection, the client decides to proceed with the purchase, we will further develop the project and offer different proposals to help the client choose the solution that meets their expectations and needs. Alternative solutions will be designed on floor plans and accompanied by computer graphics renderings to give the client a realistic idea of the final result.

Beginning of works

The client will have our company as their single point of contact, with whom they can interact throughout the construction times and discuss about any problems, explanations and needs, in order to avoid problems related to the site organization or the workforce management. In addition, they will be able to check the state of the sites and the work progress anytime with the help of a series of webcams placed in some strategic points of the construction site.

Interior design

At the customer’s request, we can take care of the interior design of the renovated house, paying attention to every small detail and doing everything necessary to make it immediately habitable. We can guarantee a final result that will satisfy even the most demanding client!

Delivery on the property on time

Once the interior design has been completed, we will thoroughly clean the place and take care of the final adjustments, before delivering the property on the agreed date mentioned on the contract.


We take special care in restoring and preserving historic buildings in the picturesque old towns of Salento, as well as other historic properties found throughout our region. Our approach focuses on maintaining the original structure of the buildings as much as possible. We select materials, construction techniques, and furnishings that highlight the craftsmanship and unique character of this beautiful region. We combine traditional methods and materials with innovative techniques. As a result, you can expect an unforgettable living experience.


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